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Coming in Spring 2025...

The Divine Flesh

The Divine Flesh--a flesh-bending cosmic abomination--is imprisoned inside Jennifer, a self-destructive drug mule, occasionally wresting control of their shared body to create abominations...and to seduce Jennifer's ex-husband, Daryl. When rural bigots sabotage Daryl's truck, resulting in the deaths of two other people, Jennifer, Daryl and the Divine Flesh try to avenge the murders...desperate, Jennifer and the Divine Flesh take a mysterious wonder drug, and inadvertently free the Divine Flesh, restoring Her power, Her memories of seeding the Earth with life, billions of years ago...and Her need to assimilate everything into divine, fleshy abominations.

It's all about love, silly.


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Red Landscape

Coming in March 2024...

Free Burn

"I was pretty sure I’d had sex with Mallory Worner, which would’ve been great, really—Who finally got laid? Pincer-monster me, folks!—but I was also pretty sure we’d killed someone last night…"


Triple-Six hasn't exactly had the best week. His semi-girlfriend, Mallory, framed him for a murder.  His already-freakish body is mutating uncontrollably. He's rotting away in a solitary confinement cell. His only chance of escape? Summoning an undead serial killer from Hell. 


Lorraine Worner. Texan pyromaniac. Killer arsonist. Mallory's mother. So, the mother-in-law from Hell.


He bargains with her. If she can’t kill him in three days, she’ll remove his Hands—the paralyzing pincers that’ve ruined Triple-Six’s life thus far. 

All he has to do is run.


Plunged into the politics of Hell, souls, and late-stage demonic puberty, Triple-Six must embrace the horror of his own origins if he wants to throw Lorraine Worner back into Hell for good.

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