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Drew Huff

Horror Writer

Red Landscape

Coming in March 2024...

Free Burn

"I was pretty sure I’d had sex with Mallory Worner, which would’ve been great, really—Who finally got laid? Pincer-monster me, folks!—but I was also pretty sure we’d killed someone last night…"


Triple-Six, certified pincered freak-show, hasn't exactly had the best week. Mallory, his semi-girlfriend, framed him for murder. His already-freakish body is mutating uncontrollably. He's rotting away in a solitary confinement cell. His only chance of escape involves summoning an undead serial killer from Hell.


Lorraine Worner. Texan pyromaniac. Killer arsonist.


Mallory's mother. 


He bargains with Lorraine. If she can’t kill him in three days, she’ll remove his Hands—the paralyzing pincers that’ve ruined his life thus far. Lorraine accepts. She seems to know too much about him...


All he has to do is run. Right?



About Drew

Drew Huff is the author of Free Burn, coming out in 2024 from Dark Matter INK. An active member of the HWA, she enjoys writing stories that explore the intricacies of trauma, body horror, and fear. Her short fiction, “Word of Nellie,” is the closing story in Darklit Press’s “The Sacrament” anthology. Another short story was included in Hungry Shadow Press’s anthology, “It Was All a Dream,” and another short story, “Old World Birds” is being featured in Death’s Head Press’s anthology, “Hot Iron and Cold Blood.” Her short story “Same as it Ever Was” is being featured in Night Terror Novel’s charity anthology, and also a flash fiction piece, “The Bird, Frozen in Time”. She is currently editing her other novel, The Divine Flesh, and drafting another novel, The Exodontists.

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