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The Exodontists

Scary Building


The Exodontist dreams of bleach and teeth--but Red, ever the morose Exodontist, craves a loving family desperately enough to create one by ripping a suburban family apart and converting them unwillingly. The brutal process involves extracting every tooth from a human.

Twenty-two years later, a chain Halloween store takes over the Exodontists' home, an abandoned warehouse, forcing Red and his clan to confront the intruders. When Garrett, a budding serial killer, sneaks into the Exodontists’ home to hide a cadaver, the Exodontists accidentally convert him. Furious at the loss of his self and humanity, Garrett goes on a rampage, converting others to create his own ‘family’. Red tracks Garrett and Garrett’s brood down, but is brutally injured while attempting to persuade him to join the family. Worse, still—amid this chaos, the other Exodontists begin to remember what Red did to them twenty-two years ago. Red refuses to acknowledge the past. If they ever comprehended how monstrous his actions were, they’d abandon him forever. 

In a final bid to reclaim his humanity, Garrett holds one of Red’s family hostage--a perpetually-frozen child named Boy. Hoping that the return of his teeth will return him to a human state, Garrett converts the warehouse into a hellish gauntlet of jerry-rigged traps, challenging the Exodontists to venture in and return his teeth—or Boy will be killed. Red has six hours to brave the gauntlet and defeat Garrett, or face the ultimate destruction of his beloved, monstrous family...which will cost him his sanity.

Currently Querying this Manuscript!

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