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The Divine Flesh

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The Divine Flesh

     Why are they so scared? All they are is flesh. All She loves is flesh...

     Jennifer Plummer and the Divine Flesh have exactly three things in common: 1) They're trapped inside Jennifer's body, 2) They despise each other, and 3) They're in love with Daryl Plummer, Jennifer's ex-husband. When rural bigots sabotage Daryl's truck, murdering his friends, Jennifer and the Divine Flesh rush to help him find the killers. But Jennifer's a drug mule, and one of her shipments has gone horribly wrong...framed for the missing shipment, she's forced to flee. To make matters worse, the Divine Flesh tricks Daryl into letting her take control of Jennifer's body, causing a minor massacre.

     Desperate, Jennifer takes an experimental 'wonder drug' to hopefully separate herself from the Divine Flesh...

     It does.

     Now the Divine Flesh, a cosmic flesh-god abomination, is free. She's finally ready to love everything and everyone in existence, assimilating them into Herself...

     It's up to Jennifer and Daryl to save the universe. Can a dysfunctional drug mule and a love-struck electrician from Idaho stop the Divine Flesh?

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