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Run to beat the devil

Run to Beat the Devil

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"If the Bad Woman ever got turned into Freezer Meat like all the others, she'd taste like Lucky Strikes and gristle..."

At seven years old, Mallory Worner can lure, kill, and gut a human being. Held captive by her mother, a pyromaniac serial killer, she's learned fast. But when her mother locks her in a burning gas station and plays dumb, Mallory knows: She's gonna be her mother's next victim. If she can't outwit her mother or escape, she'll die.

Fifteen years later, adult Mallory recounts how she survived. She can't function without stealing, burning, or arguing with her long-time boyfriend, Triple-Six. Trapped in a mysterious mental health facility for women, she discovers a conspiracy to help them "develop" into demonic monsters. When the extra teeth appear in her mouth, Mallory can only watch as her past trauma materializes as body horror...will she ever be normal?

Or is Mallory Worner doomed to be a monster?

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