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Landlocked in Foreign Skin


Landlocked in Foreign Skin


The Fisherman can't fathom why anyone would want to be human. Small wonder. They've been ripped from their underwater home under Europa's ice, and stripped of their skin--the nebulous outer layer that enables them to shapeshift for survival. Imprisoned on a ship that's hunting for a mad undersea god, they must help the crew find it if they want to retrieve their skin and return home. Dame Isobel, an insane young heiress, owns the ship, desperate to find the god in the hopes that it will heal her lobotomized girlfriend. The Fisherman is stuck in a female human form. They're pulled into a toxic, codependent sexual relationship with Dame Isobel-- in a world where homosexuality is punishable by death. In the midst of this insanity, it's quite clear to the Fisherman: Humanity is confusing, inefficient, and messy.

When Isobel reveals that she will never let the Fisherman go, even if they find the mad god, the Fisherman knows:

It's time to get violent.

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